Playground Safety Tiles /

Safe Play Equipment

Rubber Playground tiles allow children to play without the high risk of injury. These 30mm thick safety tiles are manufactured from commercial grade, shock absorbing, resilient, rubber compound. These Heavy Duty Rubber tiles have a top layer of EPDM rubber giving them more vibrant and UV resistant colors. Playground tiles are Manufactured from Non Slip, Heavy Duty Rubber.

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Interlocking Rubber Playground Mats /

For Playing Surfaces

Heavy Duty outdoor playground surfacing, these interlocking safety tiles are not only used for playground but are also used on Balconies, Swimming Pool areas, Walkways. In addition, Interlocking rubber safety tiles are ideal for non slip decking, patios, pool areas, sports courts and areas needing sound reduction. It is also great exercise flooring.

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Rubber Grass Mats /

Safe Play Grass Mats

Rubber Grass mats allow grass to grow through and also provide a safe non slip play area. Designed for high traffic areas, Under Playground Equipment, golf course car paths, Car Parks etc. Rubber Grass Mats have critical fall height of 3.3m on grass and have been tested by RAPRA.

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Do You Want your Child to play safe?

Children love to seek for new things. They have an inborn ability and capability of finding out new things. They are very curious about the working of every new thing they see. This sense of curiosity is regarded very positive from some experts, but this habit is also accompanied with many dangers of injuries and sometimes shocking hazards. Children always do whatever they are told of not doing. This act of restricting them increases the curiosity in them as they want to try that thing by themselves.

For a parent the safety of the child is very important. They want their child to learn new things but on the same side they want their child to play safe. They don’t want to stop their child from exploring new things but on the same side they also want that new expedition should only add information to their child’s knowledge and should not hurt them physically.

At Playgroundmats we completely understand your worries and after quite hard work we have brought you safety products in form of playground tiles, playground safety mats, playground safety tiles. We want you to sit back with ease and see your child playing safely in the playground. Our playground flooring mats are made from high quality rubber which is very long-lasting.


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