Safety Surface Solutions In The UK

Careful installing of sporting equipments can be necessary for kids along with grownups also, playgrounds are the most fun filled and attractive places within the whole world. Children are always attached to playing and achieving fun either because of their members of the family or making use of their friends. The first step in building an indoor playground would be to make certain that the top is a lot of hard. Do not necessarily use any harsh carpet cleaners, scrubbers or buffing devices, steel wool or rough scouring pads.

Here you wll find a great deal of choice when you are looking at deciding on the best type of floor with the kids play area. Rubber Mats and Tiles for playing fields are most suitable for small groups usually of 4-8 players. We are competent to assist you to select the colours and that may benefit your kids by far the most. And just with this you simply can’t stop them from playing.
Our Products Having excellent name popularity and design consider these most effective Playground Mats and Tiles. Our wide selection of Playground Tiles and Playground Mats is best choice. No maintenance, affordability, easy installation and real natural Colours are a few of unique features which have rendered these very famous.

Below is the Most Demanding Rubber Mats and Tiles Please Feel Free to contact us with your most demanding application, and allow us to help you create an effective solution.
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Interlocking Rubber Playground Mats

Starting From: £21.30

Manufactured from high quality Rubber compound. Each tile weighs 10kg and has shock absorbers on reverse to absorbe impact. Heavy Duty Interlocking Playground Mats are weather proof and will provide years of protection from falls

Playground Safety Tiles for Children

Starting From: £6.54

Buy Playground Safety Tiles to prevent injury from falls. You can ensure the safety of your child through the use of our Safety Floor Rubber Tiles. Available in 4 attractive colours and manufactured from Heavy Duty Rubber Compound

Note: You can Tell us your desired colour by telephone after placing order.