Putting in Rubber Sheet yourself

Posted by Noor

Resilient rubber sheet is a prevalent flooring choice for homes and offices. It has proved to be quite beneficial in the long run. It provides a comfortable surface to walk on and relieves stress and fatigue from back, legs, joints and muscles of a person who works all day while standing. In addition to this is gives a non-slippery surface and is an excellent sound absorber. It is easy to clean and maintain. Most of all, you can install it yourself, without the help of any professional.

This article is all about guiding you to fix or install in your play ground mats or sheets..

Preparing Sub-Floor

The sub-floor has to be strong and leveled. It should be structurally sound and dry.

  1. Clean the sub-floor thoroughly using a mop and detergent.
  2. When you’ve removed all the debris and dirt, wait for the floor to dry completely. It has to be moisture free because microorganisms grow in dark and moist places.
  3. Make sure that the floor is free from valleys, dips, drywall mud, and paint over spray. Latex floor filler can be used to level low areas.
  4. For additional moisture protection, polyethene sheeting is used.

Installing Rubber Sheet

  1. Measure the area, where you want to install the rubber sheet, with the tape measure.
  2. Cut out the rubber sheet according to the measurements. If the installation is for the room with obstacles, make patterns for your convenience.
  3. Place the sheet and trim the excess part around the wall.
  4. Roll one half of the rubber sheet.
  5. Apply adhesive underneath it and then unroll it.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the other half.
  7. Apply pressure on the rubber sheet so they it get glued to the floor.
  8. Let it bond for 24 to 72 hours. Keep foot traffic to its minimum and do not place back the heavy furniture.

Tip and Tricks

  • Always wear gloves when using full spread adhesive.
  • Follow instructions in the information booklet which comes along the rubber sheet.
  • Do not store the sheet in direct sunlight.
  • For neat and tidy cuts use sharp knife. Moreover, for finer cutting, use a straight piece of wood to create crease and cut along the crease.
  • You can use hook blade for trimming and it is recommended to trim the rubber sheet vertically.
  • After applying the adhesive, place heavy objects on it or apply pressure with your knees so that the sheet gets bonded to the floor.
  • Avoid overlapping of adhesive coats as it will cause unevenness.
  • With the passage of time, rubber expands and contracts. Leavegap between rubber sheet and wall to provide some space which will allow easy expansion of the sheet.

The task of installing rubber sheets gets much easier and efficient if one have seen someone doing it. Click on this link below and get a rough idea about fixing in the sheet. In a similar way as that of rubber flooring, you can install rubber sheet.